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Shift Happens

  • Owning my Value

    Knowing the self in a new and different way and being empowered from there

  • Creating My Future

    Owning the power of response-ability; ability to create and co-create

  • Me In the World

    Creating Connection

  • Me in Relationship

    Living from a sense of purpose; responsibility for impact

Workshop Feedback

Strongly agree they enjoyed the workshop
Workshop participants strongly agree they feel more confident
This information will be useful
Understand what my values are now
Would recommend this workshop to my friends
Would like more of these workshops
Strongly agree they have learned something about themselves
After the workshop participants strongly agree they like themselves more


At Shift Happens, our goal is not only to help hold the youth we work with accountable but also to mirror that in the work that we do.  We believe in the importance of transparently communicating the metrics and showing how and why coaching makes an impact on the youth that we work with.

One of the foundations that we feel is important is to add to the breadth of coaching research and to be accountable to our funders, supporters and most importantly to the youth we serve.  Coaching is not only a powerful vehicle for change, but our best practices must have a firm scientific foundation. 

As an ongoing part of the project, Shift Happens will be conducting academic research with coaching, criminology and/or psychology experts to produce and publish our findings in a peer-reviewed journal. We will be examining the efficacy of the pilot project in accordance with the Tri-Council Policy Statement: Ethical Conduct for Research Involving Humansxvi.