Shift Happens Coaching


Programs built to serve adolescents from grades 7 to College & University

Youth at Risk

What if every youth facing barriers had someone to build them up and take time to explore their lives through their values ?


Tailored workshops to engage youth with their peers, family and themselves


Our Vision

At Shift Happens we offer contextually based and experiential group and personal programs.

 We aim to ignite and support a sustainable SHIFT  in perspective the way youth perceive themselves, make choices, connect with their environment and lead their life.

This facilitates becoming happy, fulfilled, positive, confident and responsible members of society.

Learning Objectives & Outcomes

At Shift Happens our goal is to be the launch pad for an ongoing process of personal development.

The Shift Happens program is built around a specific set of learning objectives and outcomes that are critical to the life-long success of  participants.

  • Self

    • Self-awareness
    • Self-management
    • Self-confidence
    • Self-compassion
    • Self-trust
  • Skills

    • Understanding Impact
    • Communication and listening skills
  • Tools

    • Cope with obstacles
    • Build resilience
    • Manage stress
    • Responsibility & Accountability
  • Opportunities

    • Goal setting & achievements
    • Co-create a bright future
    • Clarity on core values vs beliefs


Our program incorporates interactive group workshops that address the learning objectives and outcomes for a group of diverse learners.  Each workshop  covers essential skills of social and emotional intelligence, perspective and choice, goal setting, and personal accountability.

Follow-up to our workshops includes one on one coaching:   The process of change is challenging and new habits need to be practiced.  Coach and client  work together to deepen their learning from their experiences and to create a personal action plan with clear goals and accountabilities.

What our clients say


I was able to improve the confidence I have in myself and the decisions I was making concerning what I wanted for my life.

Workshop Feedback

I have people just like me who understand my flaws. I learned that people have been through things that I have. I learned there are people who are willing to listen to you/me and help.

Workshop Feedback
Workshop Feedback

I learned how to value myself, and respect others and that  difference is ok. I also love the Shift check. I learned a variety of things today but one, out of all things I learned was that its good to open up to other people.

Workshop Feedback
Workshop Feedback

Really… I not liked,  but loved everything!  Literally everything. I liked that we shared our feelings and got to know each other more. I didn’t like that the lesson ended.

Workshop Feedback
Springboard Client

I was introduced to the Shift program through an employment program with Springboard Employment.   The Shift coordinators really caught my interest, so I decided to partake in a one on one coaching session with Sherion.   The sessions were very beneficial to me.   I left with a lot of insight on myself that I was not even aware of:

  • I am now able to identify my triggers
  • Slower to respond and quicker to think in arguments
  • I am more mindful of my destructive attitudes and behaviours
  • I take responsibility for my actions and not to blame others
  • I find myself applying SHIFT to all aspects of my life – I use these tools both at work and in my private life

I recommend Shift to my friends.   It is a great program, I am glad I took the step and completed the 10 sessions!

Springboard Client