Every Youth Deserves to Claim their Value, their Voice, and their Future

All it takes is a shift. A shift in confidence. A shift in purpose. A shift of value. A shift in the direction of every youth’s life.

At Shift Happens Coaching, we connect with marginalized and under-resourced youth to help them to claim their voice, ignite their brilliance and make a positive impact in their world.

Every youth deserves to shine

Shift Happens Coaching coaching programs empower youth and give them the tools that will lead to personal growth, vision, and fulfillment, which ultimately shifts the direction of their lives forever.

The daily barriers to success that our youth experience are many. Typically, they come from areas of our city and country that are underfunded and where basic supports are missing.

Where they may not have an adult in their lives to be their champion.

Where high-school drop-out rates are higher.

Where involvement in criminal activities is more likely.

Where opportunities to success are limited, or worse, unavailable.  

Where there is a greater chance they will not go past high school and end up in a low paying job.

Without a chance to shift their trajectory, their future seems all but limited.  This is where Shift Happens Coaching comes in;  we offer a chance to make a real difference in the lives of these youth.


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